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.dbf est une extension de nom de fichier pour les fichiers dune base de données DBase. Portail de lordinateur. (Portal of the computer)


Dbfs est le nom dun fichier système, les réseaux créés par lOracle Corporation, basée sur une base de données. Sur le côté serveur, cest une base de données, sur le côté client, cest un pilote du système dexploitation pour monter la base de données sur le système. Ce système de fichiers a été introduit avec la version Oracle 11g.


Decibels relative to full scale is a unit of measuring the amplitude levels in digital systems such as pulse-code modulation which have a defined maximum peak value. The unit is similar to units dBov dB relative to the overload. Level 0 dBFS mode is assigned to the maximum possible digital level. For example, a signal that reaches 50% of maximum level with a level of -6 dBFS in a mode that is 6 dB below full scale. Conventions vary the RMS of the measurement area RMS, but the peak value is less than the maximum negative levels. The digital signal does not contain any samples at 0 dBFS mode, you can still clip when converted to analog form in connection with the recovery process of signal interpolation between samples. This can be prevented by careful digital-to-analog Converter circuitry. Measurement of true inter-sample peak level combinations as the program or database TP "dB true peak".


dbFX was Deutsche Banks Online margin Forex trading platform and services to individual and institutional investors, including financial institutions, hedge funds, corporations, asset management companies, financial managers, commodity trading advisors, broker-dealers, brokerage firms, high net worth individuals, as well as complex and professional traders, which operated from 2006 to 2011. In 2006, the "Deutsche Bank", the worlds largest provider of foreign currency in a global market became the first global bulge bracket investment Bank can offer institutional foreign exchange transactions through the online margin Forex trading platform. Modern dbFX platform was new and innovative at the time technologies, which marked a paradigm shift from telephone trading, for instant online trading operations, with lower costs and risks, creating in fact a new asset class and opening up, breakdown, and free access to the world currency market. June 1, 2006, Euromoney, one of the largest institutional investors and international Finance magazine, to create the conditions for the subversive nature of the platform, Deutsche Banks dbFX. It turns out that platform of Deutsche Bank dbFX, officially announced on 15 may to Herald a new phase. Move Deutsche here tongues wag about which Bank will be next. Gossip suggested that it would be UBS. Direct access to the market, usually by phone.” Three years later, in 2009 Citibank, currently the worlds largest provider of foreign currency, initiated a competitive response to Deutsche banks dbFX platform called CitiFX Pro, thus becoming the second multinational bulge bracket investment Bank has launched an online institutional, exchange currencies margin foreign exchange technology platform.



5-DBFPV is a stimulant of the cathinone class that has been sold online as a designer drug. It is an analogue of MDPV where the methylenedioxyphenyl group has been replaced by dihydrobenzofuran.


The.dbf file extension represents the dBase database file. The file type was introduced in 1983 with the introduction of dBASE II. The file structure has evolved over the years to include many more features and capabilities and has introduced various other files to help support data storage and manipulation. The current.dbf file level is called Level 7. The.dbf format is supported by a number of database products.


DBF can refer to: .dbf, a file format entered by the dBASE database system, since it is also accepted by other applications, as well as a database file. Distributed routing Protocol Bellman-Ford, a Distance-vector. DBF, decibels above femtowatt, a unit of measurement for power and gain. Diesel Boats Forever, Diesel Boats Forever. Digital beamforming in radars, sonar, audio systems, and other sensor arrays. Extending the Oracle table space file name. Distributed feedback laser - a type of laser. Danmarks Badminton Forbund Denmarks Badminton Union. Competition for the design / Assembly / flight of aircraft. Drunk bitch Friday was previously a weekly segment of Lex and Terrys morning radio show.

  • Pour les articles homonymes, voir Dbfs et Décibel homonymie Le dB FS, sigle anglais pour Decibels relative to Full Scale Décibels relativement à la
  • soit à 0 VU  Régler le potentiomètre d entrée de l enregistreur pour qu il soit à 18 dBFS niveau de référence normalisé en Europe, 20 dBFS en Amérique
  • des données de mesure sur l ensemble du signal : crête maximum dBFS niveau moyen dBFS corrélation de phase, dynamique dB samples écrêtés aux valeurs
  • 2000 une échelle de PPM relative à la valeur maximale du signal numérique dBFS Il existe une norme SMPTE homologue, avec une correspondance aux niveaux
  • l Allemagne où il poursuit ses études à Cologne. En 1993, il obtient de la DBF son diplôme d entraîneur: une UEFA Pro Licence. Duarte possède une longue
  • Crimée. Le climat de Simferopol est de type continental humide catégorie Dbf de la classification de Köppen Les hivers sont frais et les étés chauds
  • des virgules. Importer DBF : Spécifie si le produit prend en charge l importation de données à partir de fichiers dBase DBF Importer Excel : Indique
  • Excel sont capables de lire les formats externes issus de fichiers CSV, DBF SYLK ou encore DIF  il dispose en plus d un module d importation intelligent
  • polygones  fichier d indexation extension shx table dBASE extension dbf Chaque MNT SRTM1 et 3 et fichier SWBD couvre une zone d un degré d arc
  • d interrogation, etc. consultez la page d aide Unicode. Tables Unicode plan 0 Points de code U D800 à U DBFF. La plage U D800 à U DBFF ne contient aucun
  • AutoCAD et CDR CorelDraw formats de base de données: ACCDB et MDB Access DBF FoxPro Clipper dBase et autres Recovery Toolbox, Inc. - une société informatique
  • ISBN 978 - 2 - 01 - 349485 - 4, lire en ligne Dictionnaire de biographie française DBF tome 12 de Duguey à Espigat - Sieurac 1970, notice DU THEILLET DE LAMOTHE
  • vers Casablanca DB. Île Dikson vers la mer Blanche 1942 sens inverse BD DBF Dakar, Bathurst, Freetown 1943 DC. Durban vers Le Cap sens inverse CD
  • Arnold Hague : The Allied Convoy System 1939 - 1945 2000 ISBN 1 55125 033 0 Canada ISBN 1 86176 147 3 Royaume - Uni en listing on Convoyweb en
  • Colin Jackson 7 s 63 3 Royaume - Uni Nigel Walker 7 s 65 4 Royaume - Uni Jon Ridgeon 7 s 71 5 Hongrie György Bakos 7 s 74 6 Tchécoslovaquie Jirí Hudec DBF
  • Ataka 11, 95 2 Mouvement national pour la stabilité et le progrès 7, 96 2 ADLE Coalition bleue UFD et DBF 7, 95 1 PPE Lider ЛИДЕР 5, 70 0 Autres 9, 44
  • D1FFF D9000 D9FFF D2000 D2FFF DA000 DAFFF D3000 D3FFF DB000 DBFFF D4000 D4FFF DC000 DCFFF D5000 D5FFF DD000 DDFFF D6000 D6FFF DE000
  • Mono Stereo 1000 Hz continu à - 18 dBFS A1: 1000 Hz intermittent à - 18 dBFS A2: 1000 Hz continu à - 18 dBFS
  • Futsal D2 sam. 8 févr. 17 h R1 FCO Saint - Jean - de - la - Ruelle 2 6 Nantes DBF R1 sam. 8 févr. 17 h R1 AS basséenne Futsal 1 5 Hérouville Futsal D2 sam
  • D1FFF D9000 D9FFF D2000 D2FFF DA000 DAFFF D3000 D3FFF DB000 DBFFF D4000 D4FFF DC000 DCFFF D5000 D5FFF DD000 DDFFF D6000 D6FFF DE000
  • D1FFF D9000 D9FFF D2000 D2FFF DA000 DAFFF D3000 D3FFF DB000 DBFFF D4000 D4FFF DC000 DCFFF D5000 D5FFF DD000 DDFFF D6000 D6FFF DE000

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